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We get lots of inquiries about our medals and trophies, so here are some frequently asked questions that are easy to answer:

How much do medals cost?

The cost of medals varies depending on factors such as quantity, size, and complexity. For an accurate quote, we recommend using our user-friendly enquiry form or giving us a call.

How long does it take to produce medals?

Typically, for orders ranging from 1 to 500 medals, the process is completed within 2 weeks from confirmation of design. However, factors such as the complexity of designs, double-sided medals, or personalized ribbons may extend the production time. Orders of 500 medals or more usually take between 2 to 6 weeks, with variations depending on these aforementioned factors.

How long does it take to produce Trophies?

Typically, for trophies that stick to our stock sizes we can produce the trophies within 2 weeks from confirmation of design, including type of finish, side engraving etc. Trophies that require altered sizing can take up to 4 weeks, but we endeavour to have them with you before.

What happens after I receive a quote?

After receiving a quote, the next step is to confirm your design details, we take great pride in making the designs truly bespoke and exactly what you envisage that we offer unlimited design changes. With our medal designs we will send you an example before you agree to pay anything. Once happy we ask for 50% upfront and the remainder before delivery. We will keep you regularly updated and send photos of proof before posting.

Aren’t wooden medals just flimsy and fade after a while?

I have taken part in numerous races where you cross the finish line and are given a small piece of wood that’s barely legible and I think that’s where my desire to change the direction of Oakbloke began. Oakbloke medals start at 6mm thickness often double the thickness of our competitors and we use our lasers to deeply engrave designs meaning they won’t fade, our main focus isn’t on mass producing 1000s and loosing quality but to make sure every single medal is worth having. Just look at our recent reviews and designs if you don’t believe us.

Why are you different to other medal/trophy companies?

Firstly, any company striving to be better for the environment should be commended but Oakbloke products are not only much more environmentally friendly than the plastic and metal alternatives but we focus solely on using wood, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t and are able to create truly stunning designs using mainly reclaimed wood which keeps the prices down for you and enhances our goal of being a sustainable business.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our approach to handling orders. Unlike companies that juggle hundreds of different orders simultaneously, we maintain a deliberate focus on each individual order. This allows us to provide exceptional customer service, guarantee order dates, and ensure the highest quality of our products.

Money back guarantee: We understand the importance of your event day, which is why we ship all orders by recorded delivery and offer a full refund if your medals are not delivered in time for your event. Your satisfaction is our priority at Oakbloke.

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